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A Retreat in the Here and Now for ages 24 to 38

God’s Time: Reconnect and breathe into God’s presence

Nature’s Pace: Immerse yourself in the rhythms of the Earth and escape the city whilst walking the Seven Sisters

Retreat & Reflect: Take a pause from the daily grind to check in with yourself and your inner world

Our daily lives are so full we can often feel ourselves disconnected from God, ourselves and the Earth. Yet it’s that very connection that keeps us integrated and grounded to our identity and our purpose.

Join us for a weekend of being outdoors, stretching our legs, pacing our feet and spirits, walking with one another and with God.

Registration (by 8 October):
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Friday 13 October (8pm) to Sunday 15th October (4pm).


Participants are invited to contribute to the cost within a range of £80-100 according to personal circumstances.

Money shouldn’t be a hindrance. Contact us if you have some difficulties.


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