Past event


As part of the launch of the new Cana Journey YouTube channel, we are delighted to launch our first series of broadcasts called Cana@Home. Couples from CANA Canada, Ireland, UK and the USA each present the symbolism of our own homes as a focus for prayer and reflection over 6 broadcasts. These are now available in the links below


Ongoing. Maybe use it as a basis for couples to come together and share a theme


Viewers are invited to make a donation to help with the various worldwide missions of the Chemin Neuf Community.


CANA Journey is a dedicated YouTube channel that helps couples spend time listening and talking to each other to enrich, support, repair and strengthen their lives together.

 “Cana Journey” Youtube Channel.

Started in France in 1980, CANA is a mission of the Chemin Neuf community. For over 40 years, CANA has helped thousands of couples in over 50 countries build unity and community.