We wish to make our parishes true fraternal communities, deeply transformed by the love of God, as well as missionary, where everyone will have had a personal encounter with the Lord and pursue a path of spiritual growth, ready to share their joy and hope with the world.

Together we, members of the Chemin Neuf Community and parishioners, wish to take part in the renewal of the Church by continuing to make these parishes lively, warm, and glowing places.

We propose a vision and a process of spiritual growth to form and equip parishioners so that they can become missionary disciples.

The contribution of the spirituality of the Community (through liturgy, praise, sharing fraternities and Ignatian retreats and teachings) allows for a greater variety of proposals adapted to each one according to their age and state of life.

With brothers and sisters of the Community we wish, through the missionary parish fraternities, to build a body of servants pursuing a path to spiritual maturity, trained in true co-responsibility and a common vision so that others may, in turn, experience God’s life-changing infinite love, and missionary disciples may train other missionary disciples.

If each one of us acknowledges their gifts and talents, accepts to be guided by the Holy Spirit and witnesses to the unconditional love of God, our parishes can grow and hope to see each Sunday an increasing number of newly converted or re-converted people give their lives to Jesus.


Deepening our personal relationship with Christ
Undertaking a training process
with beautiful liturgies and the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Sharing in a regular and truthful way
Deepening our fraternal, conjugal, and family relationships
becoming true missionary – disciples of Christ
Community life,
young and old all together
the Good News we wish to share

International Parishes’ Festival

to receive together the novelty of the Holy Spirit

in each of our parishes and
to become a big family of missionary-disciples.

Inter-parish. A gathering of parishioners from different parishes entrusted to the Community, of all sizes, and having very different features and backgrounds… from town centres to the countryside.

Family-like. All states of life are welcome, families and singles alike! Children have a session appropriate to their age. The younger ones – up to the age of 7 – stay on site. The older ones go elsewhere according to their age group.

International. Delegations from more than twenty-five European parishes: Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Czech Republic, and so on. This international dimension offers everyone an opportunity for growth.

Theological. This week offers the opportunity to be trained in one of the ten subject-matters selected for this long-term theological training, which is one of the pillars of the Missionary Fraternities.

Ecumenical. The ecumenical dimension is definitely at the core of all the types of training offered by the Community.

Ignatian. This week is a true school of prayer and discernment, which allows us to review how God leads us.

Charismatic. The focus of our week is the experience of charismatic life, a fundamental element of the whole Festival – an experience of life in the Holy Spirit, welcoming charisms!

Missionary. This Parish Fraternity is essentially missionary!
We wish to increase our testimony and to spread the announcement of the Good News more and more at the heart of our parishes.

In the spirit of the Second Vatican Council. This Council is a rich treasure. We want to pursue the continued reception of the Council which the Church has yet to fully take up and put into practice.