We are happy to introduce our youth ministry to you, and we would be even happier to meet you in real life!

All the events we organise have just one purpose: enabling you to know Jesus better, and to follow him along with other young people. THAT is the real difference! And it’s yours to make.

“A young man cannot retire at the age of 20! He has to be walking everyday. Don’t spend your life sitting on the couch, live life!”

Pope Francis


There’s nothing like stepping out from our daily routine and dedicating one evening to God in the midst of an intense week. God has so many treasures in store for us! And it feels so good to worship him as a community!

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We sometimes have the feeling that time goes by and we don’t really know where it leads us, or that our intense life doesn’t leave much space for God. And anyway, even if we had time, we don’t really know how to handle prayer and how to connect with God.

A retreat is a special time to face all these issues. It’s a gift of the Christian tradition for today. We set a time apart with God during the year for two, three, five or even seven days. It’s a time to take care of our relationship with God and take care of ourself.

We are happy to offer a variety of formats and a variety of places (even online). Please click below to find out what suits you best.


Taking one week seems too long for you and you need a break?

Then come and join us for a week-end!

Meet new people, enjoy worship time, go deeper in your knowledge of Jesus…


For many young adults who have had this experience, stopping for a sabbatical year is incredibly rewarding. Especially when you take this year with God. Why not take this step? Dare to stop and know more about God, about yourself, about the Church, about community life… Here are three great programmes that Chemin Neuf offers for young adults.

  • Hautecombe Discipleship School: join 50 other young adults from all over the world, for either 3, 6 or 9 months, in a beautiful abbey in France.
  • JET, volunteering abroad: you have received so much, you feel the desire to give your time and your talents with generosity. Discover the 15 countries where you can fulfil this wish for a gap year (website in French only).
  • Our community offers many other possibilities to take a gap year in a meaningful way. Click below to learn more.


WORLD YOUTH DAY 2023 with the Chemin Neuf Community