CANA has helped enrich and deepen the lives of thousands of couples, whether married or in a long-term relationship. In its 41st year, CANA is present in nearly 50 countries around the world addressing the different realities of couple and family life.

Our programmes have had to adapt to face the current challenges of the pandemic. More than ever there is a need for couples to be able to take time to support and strengthen each other. CANA UK has found that the richness of some programmes can be maintained online. We have introduced CANA OPEN online that allows couples to experience a CANA Welcome session. CANA Welcome is also online for the time being. Watch the video below to find out more.

CANA provides ongoing activities including dedicated couple weekends and open days. These are supported by guided sessions in a prayerful faith-based environment that bring couples together to share their experiences.

CANA welcomes those who want to deepen their relationship. Alongside married couples with or without children, we also welcome and embrace those in a long term relationship wondering about their future commitment, couples wanting to resolve difficulties in their relationship who may be considering separation and those in a new relationship after divorce.


CANA provides a pathway for deepening your love for each other, rediscovering the beauty of marriage and tasting the loving presence of God.

In the UK we offer a growing programme of support including:

  • CANA WELCOME – A programme designed for couples in churches and parishes to come together in their locality and focus on married life and family (online until restrictions are lifted)
  • CANA FRATERNITIES – Couples continue to build unity and fellowship by coming together to strengthen and serve each other
  • CANA WEEK – A focal point of the year where couples spend a week together on a faith-based journey to strengthen their marriage
  • CANA 1-2-3 – Our brand new programme spread over three weekends. It is aimed at busy couples and framed around the success of CANA week which has transformed the lives of couples over the past 40 years
  • CANA ONLINE (Cana Open, Cana@Home, Cana Welcome)

New to CANA or with previous experience, our programme of activities has something for your couple!