Do you want to know Jesus better, meet new friends to pray and have fun together?
Well this is what the Youth Mission proposes for you.

Come and meet other young people with whom you can share good times, have fun and be your true self. Together you can start this journey to know Jesus better and find out how he can be your best friend for life.


Youth Group in Cockfosters

The Youth Group of the parish of Christ the King has open boundaries! We meet every other Sunday, 5:30-7pm, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We have good times to discuss and chill, we celebrate mass or have another kind of dynamic worship with music and songs, and we sometimes listen to testimonies or watch uplifting films. Fun times, prayer, testimonies and new frienships are waiting for you!

Worship Evening


Don’t know what to do yet this summer? Want to discover a new country?
Come and spend a time with our Youth Mission in France.
Meet new friends, discover new activities and learn more about yourself and Jesus.
And don’t forget to bring your friends with you