Office for Christian Unity

Thursday 11 January 2024


From one beginning to the next

If only we could welcome the new day with every dawn, as the beginning of a new life!… “He who walks towards God goes from beginning to beginning .”

Do we know that? God buries our past in the heart of Christ, and he will take care of our future.
If it were possible to fathom our human heart, the surprise would be to discover in it, whether fleeting or lasting, the expectation of an invisible presence.

If there are shocks and even tremors in our lives, the Risen Christ is there. He could say to us: when you find yourself in the depths of trial, I stand beneath your despair. And remember: I am also in the depths of radiant hope.

Breathe on fleeting sorrows like a child on a dry leaf. Not clinging to worries like a hand to a thorn bush, but letting go. To surrender to Christ all that ails the heart.

Those who dwell on failures and discouragement see the fibres of their soul frozen. In new beginnings, peace of heart and Gospel joy can change our lives.

The Holy Spirit fills us with gifts. How can we discern them and dare to believe in them?
Are we touched by doubt? Let’s not let it stop us. Doubt is nothing to be alarmed about.

Those who listen, day and night, who welcome the gifts of the Holy Spirit, will discover that with almost nothing, they have everything.

Brother Roger of Taizé (2023) : J’irais jusqu’au bout du monde – Fragments inédits 1991-2005, Les Presses de Taizé, Salvator, pp.90-91


Prepared by the brothers and sisters of Chartres

To be adapted according to your location

At the beginning of 2024, many countries are still at war:

Lord, we pray for:

Lord, we pray for the unity of our Churches:

Lord, we entrust to you the formation centres of the Chemin Neuf Community on the five continents. We pray in particular this week for the students at the Centre Sèvres in Paris and for all those who will be taking part in an evening debate with them on 11 January, on the occasion of the publication of the latest document by the Dombes group entitled: “From all nations”… For the catholicity of the Churches.