Office for Christian Unity

Thursday 30 May 2024


‘May they all be one’

Unity – a divine and human art

Unity is not just an abstract concept, but a living reality, a call to deep communion between hearts and souls. It is both a divine and human work, where God, through his infinite love, unites our differences to create a heavenly symphony.

To cultivate this unity, we are invited to be peacemakers, builders of bridges between people. It is by valuing diversity and celebrating the richness of each individual that we build a world where harmony and brotherhood reign.

Unity – a vibrant witness to the world

Our unity is not limited to our gatherings; it must radiate from our daily lives, our actions and our words. By uniting in the love of Christ, we become living witnesses to his presence in the world, a light that dispels the darkness of division and indifference.

To live this unity, we are called to listen with our hearts, to make gestures of compassion and solidarity, to forgive offences and to reach out to those in need. It is by serving one another that we reflect the beauty of divine unity.

Extract from a meditation by Father Paulin MUTORO on the motto of Bishop Philippe GUIOUGOU of Guadeloupe


Prepared by our brothers and sisters in Guadeloupe

To be adapted according to your location

God our Father, you created us. You know the heart of each one of us and the desires that dwell within us. Come and help the people of Guadeloupe: young people, families and couples who have lost hope, who are suffering because their love has lost its strength. We entrust to you the water problem in Guadeloupe, the poverty and social misery, the deadly accidents on the roads, the violence, the addiction to drugs and to the things of the world. Send your Holy Spirit to enlighten people’s consciences and help them to choose life.

Lord, as we approach the Welcome To Paradise festival, which will take place in Martinique from 7 to 12 July, we pray to you for all the young people you will put in our path, help us and strengthen us in our faith so that these young people can ‘taste and see how good you are, Lord’. Lord, we entrust to you all the people who will be working with us to ensure that this festival runs smoothly. Give them the grace of discernment, understanding and unity, and may they act in your name and for your glory.

Lord, we thank you for the bonds of friendship and brotherhood that unite us with our brothers and sisters of the Protestant Reformed Church of Guadeloupe and Martinique. May their missionary work have a greater impact in the French West Indies, and may their links with other sister Churches be more regular and productive, for a better understanding of ecumenism.

The world’s largest prayer gathering, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, was celebrated in the southern hemisphere from 19 to 26 May with churches from all over the world on the theme ‘You shall love the Lord your God… and your neighbour as yourself’ (Luke 10:27). Lord, give Christians in the southern hemisphere the grace never to forget your commandment to love one another. Give us the joy and intelligence to open up to others who are different. Put more love in our hearts so that we can be one.