Service for Christian Unity,
Thursday, June, 03rd, 2021


The Holy Spirit is the one who inspires the activity of the Church

Fr Franciszek Blacjnicki, founder of the movement “Light – Life”

The basic principle of the Church’s life is the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit blows where he wills. The Holy Spirit, who is the source and inspiration for the life and activity of the Church, does not operate according to the management directives of the Church. The actions of the Holy Spirit cannot be systematised by any pastoral commission, by any congregation (…) The Holy Spirit does not have to act in the Church following the resolutions of a commission or conference (…) Unfortunately, it still seems to us that after all, this Holy Spirit should take account of a quinquennial or triennial plan, and that nothing can emerge from the Church which has not been pre-planned, and the Holy Spirit must follow that line.
When we look at the true nature of the Church, we see a completely different plan of action.
The call of Saul, later known as Paul, is of a different order, it does not get transmitted by Peter or the apostles. It is not as if the apostles went along to find Paul, and having declared that he had the right qualifications, said to him: “Now this is what you can do, and under our command.” Paul does not ask questions, but in line with his inner experience, he begins to preach and bear witness in the Holy Spirit. Later however, he goes to Jerusalem to visit the saints, Peter, James and John as the elders of the apostolic college. He does not say: “Tell me what l should be doing because l don’t know. I want to follow your directives. “ Paul says: “I am doing this and doing that. Please confirm if it conforms to your teaching, if it comes from Christ, from the Holy Spirit.” He asks for a kind of seal which will authenticate what he is already doing.

F. Blachnicki, Jedność i diakonia (Unity and diacona , Wydawnictwo Światło – Życie, Cracovie 2009 (Conference at Krościenko,  6.07.1981)


Prepared by our brothers and sisters in Warsaw, Poland.

To adapt according to the place of worship

1/ The changing times, the difficult circumstances tied up with the effects of the pandemic and social tensions furnish the conditions for the conduct of Christians in today’s world. The Catholic Church in Poland is in need of renewal and discernment about how to respond to the call of God in these days. The visit of the Polish bishops to Pope Francis which was announced in the autumn, will probably also serve this objective.
Lord, we ask for the light of your Holy Spirit, for the bishops and the leaders of all churches and ecclesial communities, in order that they may be a good instrument in your hands.

2/ The Chemin Neuf Community is proposing June 12th as a day of ecumenical formation, based on an article by T.Halik “The pandemic as an ecumenical experience”. Our reflections will be anchored by pastors and theologians from a variety of denominations.
Lord, we ask for the light of our Holy Spirit for the participants in this time of formation, but also for the whole Body of Christ, in order that you may yourself lead your Church further forward.

3/ An Orthodox liturgy was celebrated for the first time in the grottos of the Vatican on May 24th. The occasion was the feast of Saints Cyril and Methodius, celebrated by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.
Lord, we entrust all the Orthodox churches to you, that they may be renewed in your Spirit. 

4/ The celebration of Pentecost in numerous places and ecclesial communities was the occasion for ecumenical praise and an opening of hearts to the power of the Holy Spirit.
Lord, we ask you for the renewal of the Holy Spirit for your whole Church and for all Christians.