Office for Christian Unity,
Thursday, February 16, 2023


The Holy Spirit brings unity

An extract from Franciszek Blachnicki’s lecture at the Apostolic School at the 1st level New Life Oasis for adults on July 6, 1981 in Krościenko (Poland)

The Church may always be faced with a double threat. It always lies in one extreme, in one bias. When there are two things, when there is an alternative, there is always the imminent possibility of being restricted to one of these elements. Some will say that this and only this is true, and others that only this other element is true.
Yet both are true, but we must perceive a perspective of a certain fullness, in a certain wholeness. This ability to grasp everything fully, in this organic fullness, is a particular gift of the Holy Spirit, for the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of life, and life is always about fullness, harmony, synthesis.
So those who are truly guided by the Holy Spirit will have the ability to combine various things that are apparently distant and perhaps even contradictory, and will be able to bring them to a higher synthesis, to fullness. There must be a certain harmony, a certain balance of all the elements, only then is there the true life that comes from the Holy Spirit.

F. Blachnicki, Unity and Diakonia, Krakow 2009
Editons Lumière-Vie, (Light and Life Publishing), p. 136.


Prepared by the brothers and sisters in Poland

To be used as appropriate

(Intercessory Chorus)

1/ A year has passed since Russia invaded Ukraine. A warlike conflict is pitting Christian brothers against each other.
Lord, we ask you to raise up courageous people to put an end to this fratricidal war, to find the conditions for a just and lasting peace. We pray that Christians of various confessions, especially the members of the Orthodox and Greek Catholic Churches with their patriarchs, may be your instruments of reconciliation.

(Intercessory Chorus)

2/. Welcoming refugees from Ukraine to Poland, their integration into the life of the country, the work for their dignity and independent living, is a matter of concern for all Churches. In recent months, the Polish Ecumenical Council and the Polish Christian Forum have organized conferences that have combined both academic and pastoral perspectives and exchanged experiences.
We ask you, Lord, to keep the Polish people ready to share and open their hearts to refugees. We entrust Ukrainian refugees to you – that they may have the grace to participate in building a common home with the Polish people.

(Intercessory Chorus)

3/  Last year saw many good experiences in Poland, such as events bringing together Catholics and Christians from evangelical churches (including sometimes former members of the Roman Catholic Church) the “It’s Time” conference, a joint visit to Pope Francis, and joint evangelisation conferences organized by Christians from different denominations.
We ask you, Lord, to deepen your work of bringing together and reconciling your followers who desire the renewal of your Body and revival in the Holy Spirit.