Office for Christian Unity,
Thursday, April 27, 2023


From April 13 until May 25, we read excerpts from the book of Pierre Ganne, Jesuit priest (1904 – 1979), The Gift of the Spirit: lessons on the Holy Spirit, (The Centurion).

The Mystery of Ascension: Presence in Absence

What is required of us is to understand that true creation has no limits. Let us not be among those who prepare for the Holy Spirit shiny pipes so that he flows through them and nowhere else! Many very zealous Christians make this mistake: the Spirit must pass through our apostolic pipes, and yet we build them in a very disinterested way for Christ and for the Church! It is understood that he must flow into them! Unfortunately, and to our great surprise, we might realize that the Spirit will flow next door!
This does not mean that we should not reflect on our action, but that we must reflect on it according to the Spirit and with the freedom of the Spirit. The temptation is to make the Church the only pipe through which the Spirit must go; and, as it is the one opening the
tap, each will receive according to his rank: a little for the mass, a lot for the Hierarchy: thus, God becomes the God of the pyramids!
But the gospel says that the energy that liberates man was given to him without measure and without personal preferences.[…]
The main principle of the pedagogy of the Spirit is the announcement of Christ: “I am leaving…”, a condition for me to become an adult. And if this departure fills me with sadness, it is because I do not yet realize the joy of creation, and I will never do if I do not stand up. I
have to go through this sadness as one crosses the desert, and, little by little, with the help of God’s grace, I will end up finding a human balance, which is already a great achievement!

Pierre Ganne, The Gift of the Spirit: Lessons on the Holy Spirit,
(Le Centurion),1984, pp 86-89



Prepared by our brothers and sisters in Lebanon.

To be used as appropriate

(Intercessory Chorus)

1/ Lebanon has always had a unique identity through its religious diversity, geography and history. His people seek to live and overcome difficulties by the strength of their faith.
Lord, we entrust to you all the changes in this country, the presidential elections and all the worsening economic, political and social issues. Accompany the Lebanese people so that they find solutions to all their problems.

(Intercessory Chorus)

2/. Different religions and denominations are present in Lebanon:
Lord, we entrust to you the Christian and Muslim religious leaders and all their faithful. May they be sowers of peace and founders of interreligious fraternity. Unite us all for the good of the country of the Cedars that you love so much, so that it can be the sign of a new humanity.

(Intercessory Chorus)

3/  The Chemin Neuf Community in Lebanon is committed to help children with disabilities:
Lord, we entrust this mission to you, give all those who participate in it the strength and the means necessary to continue to serve these children.

(Intercessory Chorus)

4/   In the crisis in Lebanon, young people experience the ordeal of insecurity, losing hope for the future of their country:
May the Holy Spirit strengthen in them faith, perseverance and hope in the Resurrection of Christ!
Lord, we especially entrust to you the national gathering of young Lebanese who cannot make it to the World Youth Days in Lisbon this summer, give them the grace to live an invigorating experience of meeting with you their Saviour!