Cana 1-2-3 is an opportunity for you as a couple to spend time together for three weekends over a period of 6-8 weeks. Designed to accommodate busy lives, it helps you to explore your relationship and to see how God fits into the practical realities of love and marriage.

We have chosen to spread this event over three weekends to reduce the burden of having to take time off work and to make childcare easier.  The content is the same as Cana Week, the aim is the same (time for you as a couple – together and with God), the practicalities are simpler!

The focus is the time you spend together as a couple.  Talks cover common ground addressing such areas as communication, forgiveness and intimacy. You will meet other couples and have time to talk together in depth and within your own safe space. There will be time to pray, alone, with each other and with the group, to discover how God is working in your relationship. So many couples from all over the world have told how their practical experiences of God’s love and the grace of the Holy Spirit through Cana have led to reconciliation, renewed love and new-found joy and hope.

Common Questions

Do you have to be married? No. As long as you are in a long-term relationship, that’s fine.

Do you have to be a believer? No. We embrace all faiths with ecumenical openness as well as non-believers. Cana’s mission is providing Christian answers to issues of love and marriage. Many couples come from mixed faiths or one partner is a non-believer. That’s fine, come along.

How much does it cost? We need to cover costs and to support the work of Cana in poorer countries.  At each weekend there will be an opportunity to donate.

Will you provide accommodation? We can. You just need to tell us in advance.

Do you have childcare facilities? Regrettably, no.  However, we believe the schedule allows couples to make their own childcare provision.

How do I find out more?

Please feel free to contact us below if you are interested, unsure, hesitant or just wondering, ‘Could this be for us?’  We look forward to the possibility of meeting you!